Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Insurance pay for Dyslexia Testing or Treatment?

We wish we had an easy answer for you! It is up to each client to check with their insurance company to determine what, if any, out-of-network coverages you may be able to receive. Dyslexia Institute of America does not accept insurance first-hand.  Any reimbursements made by your carrier are at their discretion and your plan and carrier guidelines.

Won't my school test for Dyslexia?

Most often school systems do not test for or treat dyslexia, but this is a question for your child's school. Ask the individual in charge of special education if they test specifically for dyslexia, and if it is present, what type of programs they offer.

How long will it take Dyslexia Institutes of America to make my child an independent, literate learner?

That is dependent on the type and severity of the dyslexia! As part of the assessment, Dyslexia Institutes of America will provide an estimate of the time required to help make the individual literate and independent. Following proven industry guidelines successful remediation can take 18 months to several years.

My child's teacher says she will outgrow some of the things she is doing such as reversing letters. Is that true?

Human beings do not outgrow dyslexia! Many children reverse letters and typically outgrow this condition, however this is not dyslexia. Dyslexics can reverse letters and may exhibit other symptoms as well which they will not outgrow. It is critical to determine if a child is dyslexic as early as possible.

How early can a child be accurately diagnosed?

Dyslexia Institutes of America accurately assesses beginning around age five. Following assessment conventions, a child assessed prior to 2nd grade will be assessed as "at-risk for dyslexia" as opposed to receiving a dyslexia diagnosis.